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The Soothing News about Dolph Lundgren

July 15, 2010

The animated comedy series lunki and sika - the office is hot and sika has to be naked to endureThe 2010 world cup in South Africa is over. No more soccer, no more lookalikes, no more vuvuzelas, no more attention-seeking Spaniard trying to put a red hat on the world cup trophy.

An emptiness fills me. Not the same emptiness I felt after watching the final episode of LOST of course, but still an emptiness.

Maybe it’s also because I am alone here at the office. Lunki hasn’t been here all week, Johnny the Intern has been absent since the World Cup started and Janne the Director refuses to come here since I on hot days get completely naked.

So what do I do to fill this post-world cup emptiness? Well, three things has soothed me and lifted me back up to my normal pre-world cup self:

  1. The return of Futurama. After being lost in space for six years the animated comedy series is back on Comedy Central.
  2. The news about Swedish Action Hero Dolph Lundgren playing a russian bad guy in the season four premiere of Chuck.
  3. And being naked at the office. But mostly the Dolph Lundgren thing. That was just awesome news.

the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika
Read more about Dolph Lundgren in Chuck:
English:  Entertainment Weekly / Hollywood News
Swedish: Aftonbladet
Blogs: TV Week / ZAP2it / TV Squad / AceShowBiz

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