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5 Movies I Would Love to See Made

July 5, 2010

sika plans to celebrate midsummer in sweden and dream about Lauren Graham, Tuva Novotny, Evangeline Lilly and Lizzy Caplan.And speaking of wanting to see another Police Academy movie; here’s a list of five other movies I want to see made:

  • Wayne’s World 3. Sure the second one was hastily done and not excellent. But it’s been seventeen years since that one came out and I’m ready for more party time. At least give me a spin-off movie starring Ed O’Neill as Glen, Mikita’s Manager.

I wish to God that someone would be able to block out the voices in my head for five minutes, the voices that scream, over and over again: “Why do they come to me to die? Why do they come to me to die?

Glen (Ed O’Neill)

  • Bowfinger 2. Please write this one Steve Martin. Sure, Eddie Murphy got some redemption making Imagine That but before that he starred in Meet Dave and Norbit. He needs you to make him as funny as he was in Bowfinger again. And if I read your bio correctly Mr. Martin you made both Pink Panther AND Pink Panther 2 so I guess you need it too..
  • Son in Law 2. Yes, I said it. Son in Law 2! With Pauly Shore reprising his role as Crawl. More shenanigans, more John Denver sing-a-longs, more comedy gold. I love Pauly Shore. I would even make due with Bio-Dome 2.
  • Tango & Cash 2. I loved seeing Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell together the first time. I even have the plot line made up for this sequel. “Two cops are framed and must clear their names.. Again.”
  • Fletch 3. No, I’m not talking about the rumored Ryan Reynolds 2011 reboot named Fletch Won. I’m talking Chevy Chase doing what he does best; being funny as Irwin Fletcher. I mean have you seen him in Community? He is still a comedic genius!

Do you have your own suggestion of a movie you would like to see made?

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. gudihimlen permalink
    July 5, 2010 10:59

    I just love Chevy Chase…he is indeed a comedic genius…

    “My name is Nugent. Ted Nugent.”
    – Irwin Fletcher


  2. Janne permalink
    July 23, 2010 10:59

    After a Community marathon it hurts my soul to agree with you Sika but Chevy Chase is back.

    “Did you say S?”

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