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We have Beards so we know Movies! Review: The A-Team

June 17, 2010

I stumbled into the cinema the other day and since they no longer screen Ingmar Bergman films I saw the next best thing: The A-Team.

And it was glorious. No, I didn’t suspect that at all and I bet nobody else figured that this year’s best popcorn movie (so far) came in the shape of a movie remake of an old TV-show.

What makes it good? Well; if you take the worst things out of the collected works of Guy Richie and Michael Bay you won’t have much left… but those leftovers put together would look like The A-Team! It’s fast and funny with actors just enjoying themselves and each other (no, not that way you pervert). It had heroes going: “We’re gonna die! Wo-hoo!”.

And I think Liam Neeson, who had a pretty shitty year with his wife’s death and all, seems to have gone into this thinking “Fuck it, I’m gonna just hav a ball this time” (NO, not that kind of ball!). I’m so tired of him playing the old master that got to train the hero how to fight (Star Wars Episode I, Batman Begins, Kingdom of Heaven and so on) but here he is charming and awesome. The rest of the gang is great too – not a weak link in the chain.

It’s over the top but it never forgets that the plot is driven by characters. They might not be the most complicated characters to grace the silver screen but just take a look at any other action comedy done lately: The only way you can tell the difference between the girls in Charlie’s Angels is by the color of their hair and every role in GI Joe could’ve been played by ONE puppet from Team America. Transformers got Shia, Fox and a bunch of robots but I don’t know anything about their characters besides what they look like (and I can’t even tell the damned robots apart).

All the characters in A-Team matters; Hannibal, Face, BA Baracus (no, I didn’t miss Mr. T) and Murdock. And I would recognize them by their actions and motivations and most of all: charm. How weird is it that this has become a rarity in action today?

But there are some weak spots, even on the character department: Jessica Biel is sadly wasted. The A-Team steals the show wherever they go and it kinda shows you the strength of their characters when you get bored while watching Jessica Biel.

Now I want more. I want a new A-Team each week – just like it was when I was a kid.

Oh and for the love of God, don’t leave the cinema until after the end credits… There is a surprise waiting for you there that makes no sense other than pleasing you.”

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  1. August 11, 2010 10:59

    I have a beard and a blog called We Have Beards and we agree with the assumption that having beards means you know a thing or two about movies.

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