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You can call me Face!

June 17, 2010

the animated comedy show lunki and sika - sika with an a-team t-shirtI have also seen The A-Team and was just about to write a review when I noticed Janne the Director beat me to it. Here’s his review. I totally agree with him in everything he says.

I suspect next years MTV Movie Award for best picture is bound to go to this totally kick-ass awesome and laid back action comedy masterpiece! Wait.. Hang on a second.. Is there another Twilight Saga installment coming this year..? Oh, sorry A-Team, since New Moon just won the golden MTV popcorn statue for best movie I guess the upcoming Eclipse can consist of still images for two hours of Robert Pattinson looking troubled mixed in with shirtless images of the inbred looking one and still win.

Oh, and I do disagree with one thing in Janne the Directors review. I never ever get bored looking at Jessica Biel.

Go A-Team!

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  1. Janne permalink
    June 17, 2010 10:59

    Hm. “Call me Face” made me think how The A-Team might be the boy’s version of Sex and the City. Women keeps referring themselves as “the Miranda-type” or… whatever those characters are called. Carrie? That horseface one that is married to Ferris Bueller? Anyway… I don’t see you as “the Face-type”. You’re more like… hm… the fool that BA Baracus pity.

    I see myself as Hannibal of course. I need a cigar.

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