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Remembering KISS

June 13, 2010

I’m back on the bus and the trip back to Umeå has just started. I’m tired but I’m leaning back in my seat with a big smile on my face remembering last nights Kiss Sonic Boom concert.

Best moment: Gene Simmons spitting blood and flying up above the magnificent stage.

Worst moment(s): Paul Stanley talking between numbers. I suspect he does it to fire up the audience but I think it has the reverse effect. It brings the tempo down. Just play the songs we love and you’ll have us in the palm of your hand.

Best costume: Gene Simmons demon character is awesome, but I think I have to cast my vote for the four fans who dressed up just as Kiss did on the cover for Dressed to Kill.

Nicest moment: Eric Singer performing Beth with the rest of the band playing unplugged,

The Deja vü: A couple of weeks ago I went to a Europe concert in Umeå. Last night they where fronting Kiss.

Loudest sing-along: Lick it up tied at first place with Rock and Roll All Night.

Biggest disappointment: I love the latest Kiss album, but why perform the three songs that are my least favorite? Where was Russian Roulette? Where was Yes I Know (Nobody’s Perfect)? And why the hell not All For the Glory?

Well, I guess when it comes to that last one Eric Singer already filled his singing quota with Beth..

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  1. June 14, 2010 10:59

    I remember Kiss from my room. Listening on a little tape recorder. Red wallpapers and blue flor. Many colored lights.
    A long time ago.



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