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Approved By Stefan Holm!!

June 8, 2010

Stefan Holm has done a lot of things.

1. He has learned to jump really really high and won a bunch of gold medals in High Jump, competing for the Swedish National Team in both Olympic Games and World Championships.

2. He has gotten married.

3. He has shown us that he is a really bright guy by winning national Quiz Shows on Television.

4. He has scored 363 033 points playing Tetris on GameBoy Color.

Now he can add a fifth thing on that list. He has also approved this blog.

As you know, I have a little mission getting famous people we love to either approve or disapprove of the things we do here at the blog and I really wanted to hear what Stefan Holm had to say about it.

So when I met him in Liverpool two months ago I asked if he wanted to check us out. We where both there to watch our favorite team Liverpool FC meet Chelsea at Anfield and the day before the game I cornered him and told him all about Lunki and Sika and what we do here at the blog.

He then took two months to think it over. And the verdict? Well, I mentioned it earlier. He approved.

We love you Stefan Holm. Not just me, Lunki and Sika too. I’m not sure what Janne the Director thinks of you but I guess he at least likes you.

YNWA/Johnny the Intern

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