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11 Steps to Dating Models

May 17, 2010

I could really use the money, so I have decided to make a video for the T-Post 1,000 dollars super hero contest. All I have to do is:

1. Create a new super hero persona for myself (Yes, I’m giving up on the one Lunki made for me). I’m thinking something like The Super Hero Actor and Singer Man. I’ll work out a costume and a fitting name later.
2. Get my hands on a video camera. Can’t be too hard, seems like everybody has a video function on their phones nowadays.
3. Get out of the office.
4. Do good deeds. Easy.
5. Capture it all on camera. I just bring Johnny the Intern as cameraman (and coffee fetcher).
6. Post it on YouTube.
7. Win the contest.
8. Spend the money.
9. Sign a deal with Marvel. Since my new super hero is a smash hit on Internet by now, I’m thinking a three movie deal. This might even bring in more money than the contest.
10. Star in the new Marvel trilogy.
11. Date models.

And in only eleven steps! Seems easy enough doesn’t it?


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