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Late Night But Not Too Late Show with Sika

April 29, 2010

There will be no new episode this week, we are putting every effort in coming up with the perfect presentation/pitch for our meeting with Swedish Television on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed!  As you know we have a script for a pilot but I personally think we should have backup ideas if the first idea is not to their liking.

So I have started coming up with alternative ideas. Here’s what I got so far:

  1. Friends in Need. A sitcom pretty much exactly as the original Friends with the exception that we don’t have any money. Or friends. I will be playing a combination the Chandler/Ross characters. Lunki will be hidden away as they kind of did with Gunther and Johnny the Intern will play the town idiot Joey kind-of-guy. In my opinion this idea will be more or less a reality series.
  2. Late Night But Not Too Late Show with Sika. A classic late night talk show starring me where I interview celebrity guests. With Lunki as sidekick and Johnny the Intern as the House Band. I know he can do wonders on drums. Well, one drum at least.

Seems I am on a creative roll right now. Even though these ideas are great I think I can do even better. Be right back!

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