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The Starbucks Mystery

April 20, 2010

Here’s a mission update for you. We have reached more than the half way point on our Quest for Stardom and getting our very own TV-show in America. And when I say America I as always mean anywhere in the world. Lunki has for instance explained to me that Asia isn’t only a rock band from the 80’s, it’s also a continent with an expanding market.

But anyway, it has been a great last couple of days. We got a couple more fans on our Facebook Fan Page and we got 114(!) new subscribers on our YouTube channel. We couldn’t be happier!

Johnny the Intern almost ruined the great mood I was in by getting back from the store with a packet of Starbucks French Roast Coffee. I hate dark roasted coffee! I think that coffee should be easy to drink, pretty bland and not fancy at all. And the slogan on this coffee reads: This is a cup of liquid smoke, our deepest, darkest offering. Which means it’s both undrinkable and pretentious.

And no one knows how Johnny the Intern got a hold of this coffee since the nearest Starbucks is located 700 kilometers from here. When I asked him he said: I work in mysterious ways, Sika. Two coffees coming up! and headed for the kitchen.


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