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Make a solid investment, buy MY t-shirt!

April 19, 2010

As Sika mentioned in a previous post I am in the lead in the Lunki and Sika Office T-shirt Competition since MY t-shirt is currently the bestseller on our online store. Since then, a rumor has started that states that it is in fact me who has been buying my own t-shirt to boost my sales.

That is obviously bullshit. Why? Because:

  1. People has figured out for themselves that buying my t-shirt is a good investment that will be worth a lot of money when I make it big in Hollywood.
  2. People want to make a statement. I am certain I’m not the only one who is tired of Star Wars references! Kind of 1994, right? (Read: Clerks, awesome film).
  3. And finally, in our quest for stardom I am at the moment nowhere even close to making enough money to buy a t-shirt, let alone multiple t-shirts (although they do come at a very nice price).

So, to make a solid investment, a statement and to ensure my lead in the t-shirt selling competition buy the Lunki t-shirt HERE!

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