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PHILIPS Noise Canceling Headphones

April 18, 2010

A couple of days ago I traveled by bus down through northern Sweden, from Haparanda back home to Umeå; a seven hour trip over 400 kilometers. An excellent opportunity to try out my new Philips headphones!

The headphones come in a nice black case and have a nice and kind of exclusive look to them. One of the great things with them is that they have a function that reduces noise from the surroundings.  The headphones have an on and off button and when I tried it out, it made a big difference. The surrounding sounds faded away quite significantly.

Since I didn’t have access to the Internet (read Spotify) on the bus I had to try them out with the collection of MP3s that I have on my computer. I don’t have that many MP3s so I had to work with what I got. Umeå Punk City is a collection of bands from, yeah, Umeå. I tried out some of the best from this collection; Invasionen, Brottsvåg and of course the genius Masshysteri. The sound was very good!

I also had some TED talks podcasts to try out how the headphones worked with the spoken word. And, beside learning the intriguing subject of “life lessons from an ad man”, I found that the sound was even better than when listening to punk rock from Umeå. Here the function of noice canceling really comes in use. The dialogue gets a lot clearer without the disturbance from obnoxious passengers on the bus.

I’m really pleased with the headphones and I will definitely continue to use them on the endless trips me and Sika’s success will generate. But in that case mostly to cancel out Sika’s constant babbling.

Buy Philips Noise Canceling Headphones here.


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