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No Miracle on Ice

February 26, 2010

As you know, every Friday we post a new video on YouTube and here on the blog. This week we were supposed to do an episode about the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Team Sweden’s journey to defending their Olympic Gold Medal in hockey.

But according to the newspapers something happened a couple of days ago in Vancouver. We didn’t see it ourselves, but apparently Sweden lost. I couldn’t believe it. I had to ask Johnny the Intern about it and he told me it was true and that they lost against Slovakia. Slovakia?

I think this is the the perfect time to have the discussion about how media has the power to trick their readers/viewers and oftentimes makes up the news as they go along. Sweden loosing against Slovakia. That sounds more like a rumor than the truth. Or at least it sounds like a ploy initiated by J.J Abrams to promote the final season of Lost.

Anyways. Don’t frown. Next week we will be back with a new episode! Starring me!

And Lunki.

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