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Hey, look at me! I’m blogging!

February 25, 2010

Lunki made a list earlier of his top 6 favorite Lunki and Sika episodes, Now it’s my turn. I think he forgot the best ones.

The ones I am in of course!!

1. The Third Musketeer. My favorite one! I was left alone at the office and Lunki and Sika never showed up. What I did? I took care of it myself!

2. The Eager Farmville Farmer. That’s me! Sorry for bothering you Sika, I just had to play.

3. Single. It’s so weird that Sika is still single. Here I am helping him out. You are welcome Sika!

4. The Press Release. The first week I got the Intern gig I had to help Lunki and Sika record a press release. It didn’t go too good.

5. Kindergarden Flop. I just love sitting in an audience listening to Sika singing. Sing to me Sika, sing to me! Lunki and Sika, awesome show!

6. Lost Weight? I really helped Lunki out in this one. And if you’re wondering, It took me two weeks to get back from the desert.

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  1. February 26, 2010 10:59

    Love all of them. Love the painting on the wall in the tree musketers *smile*.

    Wish I were there, you seem to have a good time.


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