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I Love it Lyle Lovett! A Review of “Natural Forces”.

February 2, 2010

To read my review in Swedish, head over to Kulturbloggen.

It’s hard to label Lyle Lovett. Many seem to think he belongs to the Country genre, some want him to represent the Folk Music scene, others believe he simply should be labeled a Singer/Songwriter. Personally I couldn’t care less. I love what he does, wherever he belongs.

His latest album Natural Forces contain some newly written material but also recordings of other artist songs. Lyle Lovett is no freshman when it comes to making covers, but it’s been some time since a Lyle Lovett album contained this few Lyle Lovett originals. But fear not, as the cover expert he is, he’s able to transform everything he sings to his own creations.

Lyle Lovett (Photo by David Stoecklein)

Natural Forces is quite mellower than 2007’s It’s Not Big, It’s Large, but even if the album is pretty much low key throughout, it also brings humor, playfulness and up-tempo in songs like Pantry, Farmer Brown/Chicken Reel and It’s Rock And Roll. Once again his Large Band backs him up and he fronts them with confidence and certainty, with his characteristic voice that’s so lovely to listen to.

Lyle Lovett has since his debut in 1986, if we ignore the Soundtrack to Dr. T and the Women (which I suggest we do), released critically acclaimed albums one after the other. Natural Forces is no exception. The album’s twelve tracks are complementing each other and one thing becomes clear after listening to them.

Lyle Lovett has once again made a fantastic album.

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